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Complete Dental Services in Dardanelle

The dental office of McCormick Family Dentistry is perfectly equipped to provide a comprehensive range of dental services. Whether you're in for a routine cleaning or need teeth restored or replaced, we can help restore your smile. We only use the most up-to-date methods and technology to deliver reliable results, and to minimize pain and recovery times alike. You can rely on our trained staff to work efficiently and confidently on every procedure we perform.

Teeth Cleaning

Brushing and flossing regularly can go a long way towards preventing tooth decay, but for complete protection, it's best to schedule a professional cleaning. We are able to break down stubborn calculus that builds up on the teeth that harbors harmful bacteria and stains teeth. It's completely pain-free, and you'll leave our office cleaner, brighter smile!


Your smile is one of the strongest factors in how you make first impressions, so shouldn't it look its best? There are many causes of tooth discoloration, but we offer a simple, economical way to restore the pearly to your whites! Brighten your smile and restore your confidence with our professional teeth whitening service.


Diagnosis is the first and most important step in any medical treatment. There are numerous problem spots where threats to your oral health can lurk, and we can quickly and accurately identify them with our advanced x-ray imaging system. Whether it be cavities, wisdom teeth or soft tissue issues, we'll pinpoint the problem and develop the perfect treatment.


Fillings are an effective method of staving off the damage caused by cavities. We first clean the area to remove debris and bacteria, then seal it with a filling material. These fillings restore the shape and integrity of the tooth, and prevent further degradation of the cavity site. Dr. McCormick will help you determine if a filling is necessary.

Root Canals

While the term "root canal" is enough to give many patients anxiety, it is actually one of the best ways to save teeth with abscesses and infected pulp. The infected pulp is removed, filled with a bio-compatible compound and then capped off with a sealant. The process has been refined in recent years, leading to a mostly painless procedure and quick recovery.


Sometimes the damage to a tooth is so far gone that it cannot be saved. In order to prevent infection spreading to your other teeth, an extraction is performed. Whether scheduled ahead of time or done on an emergency basis, we have the experience and equipment to make it as painless as possible.

Crowns and Bridges

Unlike dentures, most crowns and bridges are permanent solutions to missing teeth. A crown covers a single tooth either partially or completely, restoring its shape and normal function. A bridge spans the gap where several teeth are missing, giving you a new row of artificial teeth that are indistinguishable from your own.

Dentures and Partials

For patients who are missing many or most of their teeth, partials or dentures are a viable option. In all cases, they are lab-manufactured to custom fit your mouth , and replicate a natural appearance, and can be comfortably fitted for seamless daily use. All adjustments are included in the price of the denture or partial. 

Denture Repair

We offer a variety of affordable denture repair services. Whether you're looking for a repair for partial dentures, complete dentures, individual teeth or you'd like to buy a duplicate set of dentures, we've got the facilities to produce the results you need at an affordable rate. 

Implant Restorations

An effective and versatile way to restore your smile after an extraction is by way of an implant. The first step involves installation of an anchor that is integrated into the bone tissue of the jaw. Once the gums heal around it, a crown is fabricated to attach to this anchor that is functionally and aesthetically identical to your natural teeth. 

Night Guards

We produce custom-fitting night guards for patients who grind their teeth in their sleep. This can prevent excess wear and tear on your teeth, and alleviate chronic jaw pain. We also offer appliances to help stop snoring. Mouth guards are also useful to add protection from impacts incurred in high-energy sports.
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